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1919 - BAY VIEW MEN'S CLUB ORGANIZED AS HORSESHOE CLUB. (See details for more information)


The Bay View Men's Club preceded the Campus Club. The Constitution was adopted on July 26, 1920. It was designed as an "inclusive club" where strangers in Bay View were made to feel as if they were well acquainted with everyone. The earliest picture is this one of the horse shoe players around 1920. It was given to the Campus Club in August 1990 by Charlotte Davis Parrot. The framed picture hangs on the back wall of the clubhouse.

The men in the picture are Henry Vogt of Louisville, Ky., first president of Mem's Club, Robert W. Davis from Ruston, La. And W.J. Deval of Lebanon, Ind. Whose cottage in "Non A Bel" or Lebanon spelled backwards ( he built the Terrace Inn).