1919 - BAY VIEW MEN'S CLUB ORGANIZED AS HORSESHOE CLUB. (See details for more information)1923 - SHUFFLEBOARD COURT BUILT and shanty for equipment. Women allowed to play shuffleboard.1940 - DUE TO LARGE NUMBER OF WOMEN SHUFFLERS NAME OF CLUB CHANGED TO CAMPUS CLUB AUGUST 21, 1940.  (See details for more information)1953 - LIGHTS ADDED TO SHUFFLEBOARD COURTS - Past president Jernegan Winkler donated money to pay for lights.1965 - DROPPED MIXED DOUBLES IN SHUFFLEBOARD TOURNAMENT due in lack of participants.1969 - SHUFFLEBOARD ATTENDANCE DOWN.  (See details for more information)1998 - SIX SHUFFLEBOARD COURTS REMOVED.  (See details for more information)CROQUET CIRCA 1998 - having tea.  (See details for history of Roque and Croquet)CROQUET CIRCA 19981924 - CHECKER PAVILLION BUILT.  (See details for more information)1926 - GAME STORAGE SHED AND OUTHOUSE  (See details for more information)1927 - FIRST LAWN BOWLING RINK BUILT1927 - FIRST LAWN BOWLING RINK BUILT1939 - TWO LAWN BOWLING RINKS IN USE AT THIS TIME1941 - DUE TO LARGE NUMBER OF PLAYERS BOWLERS LIMITED TO 1 GAME.  (See details for more information)Citation needed1944 - SAINTS VS SINNERS BOWLERS  (See details for more information)1944 - SAINTS VS SINNERS BOWLERS
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1926 - GAME STORAGE SHED AND OUTHOUSE (See details for more information)