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President’s Name

Years Served

 J. M. Larkins

1940 -1942

 Edward Zink


 J. M. Larkins


 Edward Zink


 Theodore D. Kelsey


 Ralph H. Jernegan


 Don H. Placier


 G. A. Heuser


 Mrs. B. D. Niles


 Reverend H. Dan Braby


 T. M. Clay


 Henry Van Reissen


 Russel W. Fenner


 Ralph H. Bransby


 I. R. Blanford


 Earl J. Sayer


 Walter T. Ratcliffe


 Robert A. McBlain


 John Olson


 Walter T. Ratcliffe


 Edith C. Buftett


 Terry Flood


 Ruth Thomkinson


 James W. Brown


 Bruce McNeal


 Gloria Kochensparger


 Max Collins


 Jack Benish


 Dick Kraft


 Betty Stevens


 John Lewis


 George Dauler


 Darrel Shinn







Buttons were used as receipts from 1920 to 1940.  The colors were changed each year as follows.

1927 - White
1928 - Yellow
1930 - White
1931- Sea Green

1932 - White
1933 - Gray/Black
1934 - Dark Blue
1935 - Light Green

1936 - White & Blue
1937 - Yellow
1938 - Red on White
1939 - Brown on Gold


Bay View Men’s Club organized as horseshoe club.  The men of the Association needed a social organization.  Designed as an “inclusive club” where the strangers in Bay View were made to feel as if they were well aquainted with everyone and belonged to the place.


July 26 - Constitution adopted for the Men’s Club.  Dues $1.00.


Committee appointed to draft plans for a club house.  Donated $50.00 to the baseball team for expenses to play Boyne City.


Committee appointed to build shuffleboard court and purchase equipment.  $50.00 allowed for court.  Croquet courts built for use by the boys and girls.


Shuffleboard court built and shanty for equipment.  Women allowed to play shuffleboard.  Checker pavilion committee apointed.  Provided suitable playground equipment for the children of Bay View.  Men patrolled children’s activities (Board mostly).


Checker pavilion built and drinking fountain installed.  Men did the cement work for the pavilion.  Committee appointed to consider name change for the club.


Roque (American variant of croquet) court fenced for protection (piping used).  Junior horseshoe and croquet courts built.  86 new members - 37 junior members 14 years or under.


Second roque court built and pavilion moved to make room at cost of $335.00.  Resolution passed to commend the Trustees for building cement walks through the grounds and placing clay and sod along the edges.  Sand box for children built.


First lawn bowling rink built.


Funds short $215 under former treasurer E. L. Selvage.  Annual meeting held on veranda of Evelyn Hall at 4:45 P.M. with 40 members present.  Secretary - treasurer combined into one position.  Grounds superintendent hired to look after the courts, activities, to see to the proper use of tools and preserve order.  Pay to be $1.00 per day.  Board trustee members offered to take care of operating of bowling alley.  Treasurer to be paid $1.00 per year and bonded.


Membership 201.  Bowling equipment purchased.


Effort to change name of club tabled at annual meeting.


Secretary to order new set of chessmen.  Men’s urinal installed in equipment house.


Gave $25 towards cost of Vespers Concerts.


Addition to tools and apparatus house built for $30.  Two concrete walks built between shuffleboard courts.  Building committee presented to Bay View Trustees a plan for Men’s Clubhouse to be 16’ x 36’.  Trustees increase size to 18’ x 40’ with additions.  Cost $1500 to $1900 estimated.  Club to raise 1/2 the cost. Plan tabled.  Membership 152.


Membership 114 - 62 adults, 11 junior, 41 Boys and Girls Club.  Resolution on Ethics adopted at Annual Meeting August 11, 1936.  Committee with duty to consider cases of vandalism in the campus, or unfaithfulness on part of employed helpers secured to keep the playing fields in order.  For correction of excessive zeal, this committee to deal with the offending member tactfully.


Building of club house fell through, so added to the present game house at cost of $60.  Painted that and the pavilion.  F. E. Kurfees donated two croquet sets.  Discussion on adding another bowling rink with Bay View Trustees to pay for it.  Men’s Club to furnish 16 bowls at cost of $100.  Purchased $60 of shuffleboard equipment.


Name of club changed to Campus Club August 21, 1940.  The name suggested by John Jay of Tartville, Indiana and Charles Manenger of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Reason name changed due to large number of women shufflers.  Mrs. Larkins instructed 35 ladies in shuffleboard. Club assumed duty of care and discipline for all games.  Trustees agreed to put grounds and courts in first class condition by July 1st.  The club was to maintain and care for the equipment during playing season from July 1st to September 15th.  Club was to purchase all game equipment.

August 3 - dedication of new bowling court.  Men’s Club (Hartnell, Steinrod, Jay and Smith) defeated Trustees (Kennedy, Duto, Lughton and McGregor) 13 to 2.

Courtesy cards issued for house guests and Bay View hotels.  Limit of three days.  Club to maintain control of courts and rinks, not the Trustees.  No children on courts or rinks:  To have their own due to damage in the past.


5 shuffleboard courts, 36 cues, 5 boxes of discs, 2 bowling rinks, 32 bowls, all croquet equipment turned over to Ernie Gray, director of Boys and Girls Club.  Shuffleboard limited to 3 games due to large number of players.  Bowlers limited to 1 game:  open 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.  Saturday shuffleboard tournaments 10:00 A.M.  Prizes given to first and second places.  Bowling games between states.  Mrs. Larkin and Kerwin in charge of instructing shuffleboard.  Trustees provide courts and keep in shape - club provided equipment.  Membership 192.


Membership 210.  Mrs. J. M. Larkins first woman elected to the Board.  First annual waterfront picnic August 3, 1942.  Served hotdogs and beans.  Limited to 200 at 75 each.  Zinc, Decker, Hitz, Donner, Reeves, Overstreet, Placier and Galbraith responsible for successful picnic.  Started giving memorial flowers for church services.


Campus Club collected 140 pounds of rubber as their contribution towards World War II effort.


Constitution and By-laws adopted August 15, 1944.  They were prepared by Judge Baker.  Dues raised to $2.50 couples - all games, and $2.00 individual.  Saints versus Sinners first lawn bowling game.  First Who’s Who Directory prepared.  Mrs. Reeves paid for printing it.  Drop canvas purchased to break wind at checker pavilion.  Asked for page for the Campus Club in May Bulletin.


Two bowling courts reconstructed.  Leveled and widened at a cost $250.  25th anniversary of club.


Mr. Kelsey urged more members to play chess-checkers.  Stumps between the bowling rinks removed.  1,000 Who’s Who booklets printed and a copy sent to all Bay View members with the March Bulletin.  Mr. Keenfee’s famous phrase “no harm done” heard from bowling rinks.


30th anniversary - Dedication of Vogt Bowling Rink given in memory of club’s first president by Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Heuser (daughter and son-in-law).  First game on Vogt rink had women bowlers.  Grace Busch (Florida).  Lydia Niles (Lansing, Michigan).  Ruth Kercher (16 years old - now Tomkinson)  and Betty Peterson (Michigan).  Men’s team consisted of Bishop Wade.  Earl Steenrod (founding member).  G. A. Heuser. Frank Carlton (Auburn, Michigan) and Reverend William Richards.  Edward Zink was in charge of dedication service.


Richard Habbe Memorial Medal - Men’s bowling - Singles.  First winner was W. F. Irwin.  28 bowlers participated.


Don Placier, President, appointed building committee for clubhouse of himself.  Ed Zink.  G. A. Heuser.  Decker.  Winkler.  50 $100 Life Memberships sold in August for building fund.


110 donations given during winter for clubhouse.  Cornerstone laid on July 12, 1952.  Completed in one month.  Dedicated clubhouse on August 16, 1952.  Cost $6,595.  Paid in full.  Zink women’s singles tournament.  Rhoda Cup shuffleboard singles tournament - Memorial to son.


Lights added to shuffleboard courts - Past president Jernegan.  Winkler donated money to pay for lights.  Dues raised to $4.50 couple - all games.  $3.50 individual.  Frames with names of life members done in calligraphy by Reverend Allured.  Hired clerk - $2.00 salary - for July and August.  Membership responsibility, to receive and solicit memberships.  Lewellen sisters first ones hired.


First ladies lawn bowling won by Grace Bush.  Runner-up was Ruth Kercher (Tomkinson - age 20). Score 18-17.


Membership 276.  Young man hired to keep clubhouse, courts, rinks constantly ready for use.  Duplicate bridge - Rollin Bush on Thursdays evenings which lasted until 1965.


Betty Rhoda took over membership secretary.  Window put in equipment house for Secretary.  Bill Law caretaker of courts and clubhouse - $2.00 each paid for July and August.  Constitution revised by President R. H. Jernegan.  Picnic changed to potluck supper.  Purchased 16 new cues for $46.00.  Dedication of bowling benches in memory of Mr. J. E. Keerfees.  Men’s singles bowling tournament finals - 91 year John T. Stinson versus R. S.  Wallace - in field of 12 contestants.  Wallace won final match.  Saints finally beat Sinners in bowling.


Rollin Bush conducted bridge tournament.  Slogan “Where Strangers Become Friends” adopted.


Membership 415 - 99 were Goodwill.  Mr. and Mrs. Allan Andress donated part of Roque set to club - in trophy case.  Habbe bowling trophy purchased.  Flagpole dedicated to memory of Dr. Edward Zink.  Bridge tournament of 8 tables - Thursday evenings - 9 courts shuffleboard.  6 tables of bridge inside.  Saturday tournaments - 44 players shufflers.


Trophy and storage cabinet in memory of Mr. Ralph Jernegan, past president, donated by his family.


Dominoes very popular in clubhouse.  6-12 players with score of 250 points winning.  Zink, Decker, Hetz, etc.


48 lawn bowlers. Lee Coulter doubles tournament in lawn bowling started. 


Trebles Tournament started in lawn bowling.  Rollin Bush honored for his directing duplicate bridge with contribution to club for floor finishing fund.


Moved to street end of rinks for beginning of games.  Domino group paid to have clubhouse floor refinished at cost of $190.  Paul Strickland hired to care for bowling rinks at $135 for season.  Weir Van Houten caretaker of shuffleboard courts at $125 for season.  Club secretary Betty Rhoda paid $250 for season.


First Open House held in July.  Memberships 350, including Goodwill memberships which cost $1 each.


Betty Rhoda resigned after 10 years of service as Social Secretary.  Geneva Nyson hired at $250 for season as replacement.  Dr. Amy in charge of duplicate bridge.  Opened new bowling rink #4.  Rebuilt all courts at cost of $1,920.  Contractor was Fred Hoffman.  Certificate of Deposit given in 1954 by G. A. Heuser was cashed to pay the building cost.


Dropped mixed doubles in shuffleboard tournament due in lack of participants.  Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Schofield donated upright piano.  Double nine ivory dominos given in memory of Cleveland Skutt.  Trophies for all tournaments dropped with names on wall plaques to be done instead.


Betty Peterson began Tuesday evening sing-a-longs 7-8 P. M.  Duplicate bridge - dominos strong during afternoon hours in club house.


Singing books given in memory of Wilson Paxton.  Bowling rinks leveled by club members.  Dues raised to $10 per couple.  $6 individual.  Life Memberships $150 per couple, Goodwill $2.00.


Rug committee of Don Placier, Ralph Bransby and Irene Fenner appointed.  Club purchased wall-to-wall carpet for club house and area carpet sold so total cost of new rug $800.  Shuffleboard attendance down - 35 bowlers.  14 folding chairs given in memory of Dr. Eberwein.  Weir Van Horten paid $350 for caretaker of rinks and courts.  Memorial book given by Rhoda’s in memory of Elmer Brewer.


Pipe fence installed around shuffleboard courts for $65.  Pipe chosen as no upkeep.


Post season potlucks started.  Zink  flagpole moved to maintenance building.


Campus Club Tuesday evening programs put into May bulletin.  Annual meeting changed to evenings so they won’t conflict with religion lectures.  Who’s Who memorial cover to H. A. Decker and G. A. Heuser with their pictures.  Sent out in Association spring letter (1,000 copies printed).


Centennial Committee appointed:  Myron Kirkpatrick, chairman, T. M. Clay , Chester Yawberg, George Hansen and Bill Sturm.


Centennial activities will be:  Campus Club Day - must wear a Campus Club button or be arrested by Charlie Schloff (in police costume).  Financial report of club sent to Trustees at end of season.  Weir Van Houten resigned.  Irvin Leeberg will be his replacement in 1975.


2,000 buttons purchased for Centennial year.  20 boys from Rec. Club given instruction Monday mornings.  Bowling lessons instructed by Earl Sayer and Walter Ratcliffe.  Post-season potlucks extended.  Pulldown steps installed to clubhouse attic.  Homer Haggerty.  70” x 70” movie screen installed.  Letters to life members started by President Ratcliffe.


Program Chairmen Bob and Stella McBlain.  Regular programs every Tuesday evening at 7:30 P. M.  Shutters installed on front windows of clubhouse.  Max Doerr suggested budget be set up.  Committee appointed to purchase more folding chairs with Walter Ratcliffe Chairman, Ruth Tomkinson, Sid Hall, Max Doerr.  36 chairs and two 36” x 72” tables purchased - $405.  Need for addition to clubhouse discussed.  25th anniversary of clubhouse - program was poems written by members.


First Bay View Reunion held in St. Petersburg, Florida.  No smoking allowed in clubhouse.  Held Painting Bee to paint the clubhouse.  Richard Mange was chairman, 18 helped.  Policy set up for clubhouse usage.  Property committee asked by Coulson’s 50th wedding anniversary.  Decoration committee for restrooms was Helen Cleary, chaiman, Gladys Uhlinger, Adeline Robinson.  Ceiling fans installed.  Past Presidents Memorial Plaque given in memory of Dan Braby.  Wedding Bells Reunion started.  Clubhouse sign donated by Mr. and Mrs. James B. Holes, also bulletin board.


Two tables and twenty more folding chairs purchased, cost $247.  Approved purchasing small trophies for bowling and shuffleboard to cost $40 - $45.  Voted $100 to Allured Bell Fund in memory of Paul and Helen Allured.


P.A. system installed by Homer Haggerty, Properties Chairman.  Furnished ushers for Sunday Vesper Service.  Re-opened clubhouse Thursday evenings for games, cards, shuffling.  Members cleaned carpet after regular season.  Letter to Trustees asking for $20,000 from the G. A. Heuser Fund for an addition to the clubhouse (kitchen, storage for chairs and tables and more seating space).  Plans drawn by Rudard Jones, architect and member, for addition.  Dunshee Brothers bid of $19,450 accepted.  Heuser Fund $19,000 - Club rest of funds of $5,000 paid.  Ground broken October 2, 1979.  Constitution revised.  Long range planning commission appointed.


Established separate fund for Life Memberships.  Interest goes into general fund annually.  25 new life members.  Given projector table in memory of T. M. Clay.  Dedicated addition on July 1, 1980.  Had luncheon for Heuser family July 25th.  Purchased 40 folding chairs and two coffee urns (50 cup and 100 cup).  Coat rack purchased.


Clubhouse open each morning for coffee, reading papers and mail.  Membership 300 - 76 life memberships.  Trustees asked to help pay for marl clay to redo bowling rinks and level.  Club to pay $1,000.


Awards plaque purchased for $80.  Letter to Board asking for money from the remaining Heuser Fund to resurface bowling courts with marl clay and level - cost $4,388 available after Swift Field sprinkler put in.  Ends leveled, new gutters and clay added to surface.


Two sets of bowls reconditioned.  Homer Haggerty took inventory of clubhouse - value 14,795.  Mid season Thursday Potluck.  Reception for Marjorie Martin and Grace Barry after their piano recital.  Benches and ball storage boxes painted by Hommer Haggerty.


Board policy on loaning out equipment was to discourage it and allow only on Board approval.  Under property committee chairman.  Mendelsohn piano purchased for Bay View School of Music; old piano sold.  Desk received from Mrs. T. M. Clay.  Bay View Archives Seminar held in clubhouse.  Donated $125 to Appreciation Fund.  Clubhouse to be painted next spring by Association.


Religion and Life speaker question period from 11 to 12 on Thursdays started.  Contributed $125 to Appreciation Night.  Membership 269, 59 Life Members.  New air-exchange fan installed at cost of $232.


Checker Pavilion used for newspaper stands.  Pledged $1,000 to Funds of the Future, with $250 annual installments next four years.  Yawberg’s donated plaque for names of Doubles Bowling Tournament winners.  Clubhouse usage extended to provide meeting place for seminars sponsored by Education Committee, workers of Funds for the Future, C.P.R. courses, Calendar setting committee and post season bridge on Mondays.


Lawn bowling and shuffleboard offered to Boys and Girls Club.


Campus Club Beautification Project initiated (3 year program) with Roy Robinson, Chairman.  First year funds $200 Don Placier Memorial Fund - Garden Club General C. C. Fund.  Total cost $625.  White picket fence around shuffleboard area and garden along sidewalk area completed.  Women’s Council donated $350 to Beautification Fund.


Beautification Project 2nd year.  Lawn bowling rinks fenced with white picket fence.  West end of rinks landscaped and walkway to rinks.  Annual budget set up and passed.  Financial books put on a calendar year, January 1 to December 31.  Constitution revised.  M.O.R.E. Fund established by Board (Maintenance, Operation, Replacement, and Emergency.


Chautauqua Convention in Bay View June 15-17 with club furnishing coffee hour and picnic at Swift Field.  Board gave Music faculty dinner in July at clubhouse.  70th year of Club.  Ruth Tomkinson, President, prepared historical index.  Bridge tournament with 13 tables filed.  Prizes of two dinners at Staffords Bay View Inn and Terrace Inn donated.  Bay View license plates designed by Dave Sims, sold by club.  Final work on Beautification Project.  Robinsons planted annuals in whole area.  Front of clubhouse landscaped, area within bowling rinks and around tree stump on northwest corner of rinks.  Decision to not give trophies; names of winners on plaques only.


Bronze Plaque from Zink Memorial flagpole removed from Sunset Park placed on wooden frame and hung with his picture in clubhouse.  Campus Club Bay View license plates sold and recorded with monies going into the M.O.R.E. Fund.  Norma Slight gave her painting of Mackinaw Bridge to the Campus Club.  Vena Young, office manager, honored at Open House and give rose shrub.  Name tags to be given to all new members by the club.  Purchased 3 picnic tables for grounds.  $200 given to Appreciation Night for restoration of checker pavilion roof.


New carpet for clubhouse installed and paid for with donation from Maxwell Douglas former lawn bowler.  Shuffleboard court lights removed by request of Building and Grounds Committee with association to replace under Bay View 2000.  Who’s Who mailed first class with funds raised by Bridge Tournament.  $200 donated to Appreciation Night and designated for checker pavilion roof (to become the newspaper machines pavilion).  Open House held in July canceled.  New roof on clubhouse furnished by the Association $400 given to Bay View 2000 on pledge of $1000.


$400 paid on pledge to Bay View 2000.  $200 donated to Appreciation Night.  M.O.R.E. Fund put in separate account.  Plaque given to Grove Ward for his many years of service at the Bowling Courts.  New hot water heater provided by Association.


Mary Hannah donated John Perkins painting of Lawn Bowling Courts to the Club.  Bay View license plates selling for $7.50.  $2.00 guest fee adopted for guests of the potluck.


Association to furnish cleaning of clubhouse and bathrooms twice a week.  Cypress Garden picture removed from wall and replaced with Speaker’s Platform picture.  $100 donated to Appreciation Night.  George Hoffman to put away lawn bowling equipment and help with spring cleanup with $150 paid by club.


Manna voluntary donations taken at the pre and post season potlucks.  Trustee Charles Schloff donated $200 from old dance funds to purchase croquet equipment.  Permission given to use old court area between children’s play set and lawn bowling courts for croquet playing.  Welcom stained glass sign donated by David Sims.  $100 donated to Appreciation Night.  Norannett Lear donating lawn bowling trophies in memory of her father, Sid Hall.


Guest fee dropped for potluck guests.  Formal croquet play on Thursday afternoon and playing by clubhouse.  $100 donated to Memorial Garden.  $75 for Sunday Memorial flowers.  Arizona Winter Reunion Luncheon started and held on the first Saturday of March.  Pat Jenkins computerized the names, addresses and phone numbers for Who’s Who.


Six shuffleboard courts removed and croquet lawn court planted between the sidewalk and clubhouse.  Planners of the croquet court were John Smith and John Springer.  Past Presidents names added to Who’s Who.  Last year for club to pay $100 of Sunday Memorial Flowers due to increased costs.  Foreign movies no longer allowed to


New hymnals given to the club by the Robert Hunt family.  $500 donated to Appreciation Night.  Blood Drive cosponsored with the Woman’s Council.  Microwave purchased for kitchen.  July new croquet court opened.


Croquet members purchased their own wickets.  Clubhouse illuminated for Bay View 125th celebration July 4th week.  Boys and Girls Club members given lawn bowling lessons.  Cosponsored Blood Drive second year.  $100 given to Appreciation Night.  Campus Club minutes 1947-2000 put in order, acid free folders and placed in Campus Club drawer in Archives by historian, Ruth Tomkinson.  Also three picture scapbooks.


Club House was last painted in 1995.  Campus Club donated $1200 to Bay View Association to have it painted as they did not have it budgeted to do for another four years quote Rod Slocum.  Lawn bowling game with Trustee’s in August.  Bathrooms painted with bid of $700.  First time Club members did the decorating themselves.


Four ceiling fans purchased from Robb Electric and installed for 50th building anniversary.  July 30, 50th anniversary celebration with Ruth Tomkinson giving program on the History of the Campus Club along with a slide show created by Charlie Schloff and his son Charlie using old historical photographs.  Inventory of Club House done.


$3000 donation given to Recreation Club after they asked for funds to restore Sail House Building and beautification project.  Garver and Sam’s fund monies were used after their permission was given.


Don Vogelsberg started Manna collection at pre and post potluck dinners; $1400 collected.  $100 to Crop Walk.  Automatic sprinkler system installed in the croquet court.  Estimated cost $900.  Each croquet player donated $60.  Campus Club will pay fee each year.  Croquet members now under U.S.C.A.


Dues raised from $7.50 to $10.00 per member by vote at annual meeting.  Donated $100 to Crop Walk.  $25 minimum fee for rental of Club House with education paying $3.00 per hour.


Garbage disposal installed.  in kitchen for $490.  $100 donated to Crop Walk.  Life membership given to Stafford and Jan Smith.


Sound system, TV, computer donated to Campus Club.  Two shuffleboard courts upgraded.


Floor painted.  New shelves


200 amp service added.  New microwave oven installed.


Budget unfavorable due to low interest rates on CD’s.  Donated $500 to Heart of Bay View and pledged $500 for 2011 Bay View Association Education Committee’s use of Club House and utility expenses.


Campus Club web site created and donated by Bill van der Have.  Membership dues increased to $15 for annual membership and life membership to $150.  50% of fees invested in Life Fund and 50% deposited to General Fund.  C.C. had a table at Treasures in the Trees selling baked goods.  Outdoor game night for families to play games.  Annual lawn bowling with Board of Trustees.  Donated $4000 to Mana.


International Hemingway Convention (June 17-22) used Club House as their book store.  Family game night held again.  Due to popularity table was again placed at Treasures in the Trees.  Due to increased cost of postage Who’s Who not mailed for second year.  60th anniversary celebrated with Patti van der Have presenting program.

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